Sunday, August 30, 2015

These are the last few pictures from my holiday. The last city we visited was Verona. It was beautiful there, just like in almost every other Italian city. On the picture above you can see what the view was like when you were in the Arena. We went inside and walked around for a bit. The view was what I liked most about being in the Arena. The inside was a bit disappointing, but that was because the inside was filled with chairs, so you couldn't really see what it used to look like.

We, of course, also went to Casa di Giulietta, from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. It wasn't very special but it was fun the see the balcony and the statue of Juliet. People where awkwardly touching her breast, which they say brings luck in love. We only stayed there for a few minutes.

We walked around some more, got ourselves an ice-cream and ended up at a square with a Dante statue. There were quite a few squares in Verona. It was lovely to walk through the streets and see al the beautiful architecture and statues. I was way too warm to keep walking so after a while we decided to look for a nice place to eat and drink something.

I was wearing the comfiest dress of all times, my birkenstocks and brought a tote bag with me. Makes it harder for pickpockets to steal from me ;) It was a beautiful day in a beautiful city, which also has a lot of amazing stores. So if you want to shop in Italy, Verona is a great city for that.

This was my last post about Italy. I will upload another outfit, shot while we were in Italy and my upcoming instagram update post will also be filled with pictures which I took during my trip. After that, I'm back with normal post agains. Outfits, which to wear posts, wish lists etc. What do you think of these pictures? And have you ever been to Verona?

TRAVEL | Verona, Italy

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Friday, August 28, 2015

A few weeks before I went on holiday I placed an order at H&M. One of the things I'd ordered is this lace detailed dress. At first I wasn't sure wether I would keep it or not, but in the end I did. One of the reasons was that this dress would probably be a perfect one to wear on holiday. It actually ended up being too warm to wear it, but I did wear it on our final day there, which was yesterday. With the dress I'm wearing my newest shoes, they're from Sacha. And also a little necklace which is from Mango. What do you think of this look?

H&M dress, SACHA shoes, MANGO necklace, POLETTE sunglasses

OUTFIT | Lace Detailed Dress

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Venice, one of the cities I've always wanted to visit. Yesterday we went there, and it was incredible. It's just so different from cities I'm used to. There's water all around you, no cars and of course beautiful architecture. I thought it would be very crowded, but if you walk into random streets, it isn't. Piazza San Marco was very crowded but we expected it to be like that. It was wonderful there.

As I said, the architecture was amazing. Everywhere you looked were beautiful buildings with lovely balconies and windows. Spotted many houses I would love to live in. The city is very colorful as well. Some buildings were very classical, like the one on the picture above. Others we're painted in lovely pastel or yellowish colors.

At first I wanted to wear my new suede mango skirt, but ended up going for these shorts from asos and a basic white h&m shirt. I'm glad I did because it was very warm and also, this was way comfier. We did a lot of walking, crossed a lot of bridges and also ate some delicious ice cream. Picture will be on instagram (@radiatefashionblog) soon. Along with more Venice pictures, because I made a lot.

What I love about this building is the windows. They were in all kind of colors, just like when you see oil on the streets. Not sure how to explain it otherwise. It was beautiful. Just like most things around you. It was hard sometimes not to take a picture of something.

In this photo you actually see everything, okay almost everything, I liked about Venice. The balconies, the colors, the plants around the balconies and windows, and how lovely it was in the not so crowded streets. If I could/want to live here? I'm not so sure. It's a beautiful city, but not so practical I guess, because of all the water and the bridges. But maybe the residents think about it differently and maybe you'll get used to it easily.

Today we're going to Verona, probably the last city we're going to visit since we're leaving friday morning. So Thursday is going to be a day full of rest, and of packing. I'm going to bring my camera with me today so there will be another travel post on the blog soon, and I also hope to shoot some outfit pictures there. What do you think of these pictures? And have you been to Venice?

TRAVEL | Venice, Italy

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Monday, August 24, 2015

This tropical printed playsuit from Asos has been hanging in my closet for quite a while now but I never really felt like wearing it before, only twice I think. When I was packing my bag for Italy, I decided to bring it with me. Gladly I did because I ended up wearing it and love the outfit pictures. The colors of the playsuit go really well with the colored house in the background. Again, I'm wearing my Birkenstocks. I brought other sandals too, but they have straps and the straps touch a mosquito bite which hurts while walking. So I'm 'stuck' with this pair of shoes. Not that I mind, they're my favorites actually. What do you think of this outfit? 


OUTFIT | Tropical

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

This week in Italy has been incredible so far. On Thursday we drove to Portovenere and took a boot to Cinque Terre from there. It was so beautiful seeing the five towns from the sea. We visited Monterosso and Manarola. They were both very colorful and very crowded as well. This day, I actually didn't take much pictures with my camera, so below you can see a few which I took with my phone. For more pics, keep an eye on my instagram.

The first town we went to was Monterosso. We had a delicious lunch there, as you can see on the first picture. We stayed there until 3 o'clock. You could hop on and off of the boat, which was nice. That way you could visit multiple towns. At Monarola we had a very much needed ice cream. It was so warm, eating some ice cream was a great refreshment. After all it was a lovely day. I'd wanted to visit Cinque Terre for a long while now so it was amazing to be able to do so. 

Today we're going to another part of Italy. Last week we stayed at La Spezia, in the North West of Italy. Now we're going to the North East part of Italy, near Verona, Venice and Padova. Can't wait to explore those cities, never been there before. What do you think of these pictures? And have you ever been to Italy?

TRAVEL | Portovenere & Cinque Terre, Italy

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

outfit denim skirt lerici italy blogger
A few days ago we went to Lerici. The plan was to go on a boat trip there (so we decided to wake up early which explains my tired looking face), which would take us to Cinque Terre. We ended up not going, but we are going today! I'm very excited and will definitely bring my camera with me! But more about Lerici and this outfit. Lerici is a beautiful seaside town. The houses are all very colorful and the water was filled with boats. I wore my denim skirt from shein and top from zaful. This look is one of my favorite denim skirt combinations so far. For shoes I'm wearing my arizona birkenstocks. They're made for walking and that's what we do much on holiday. I wear them so much, you can even see tan lines on my feet, seriously. What do you think of this look?

SHEIN skirt, ZAFUL top, PARFOIS bag, BIRKENSTOCK shoes, POLETTE sunglasses

OUTFIT | Lerici, Italy

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

From all the countries I've traveled to, Italy is definitely one of my favorites. The food, the people, the weather (not all the time good of course, but still better than in the Netherlands), the architecture, it's all so great. This time we're staying in the aria named Leguria. We've never been here in this regio before so it's lovely to visit, for us, new towns. Today I will share a few pictures with you. The one above was taken in Lerici.

Yesterday, we went to Lerici. Lerici is a beautiful town, located on the coast. The houses were all very colorful. It was lovely to walk on the boulevard, looking at all the boats that were in the port. From Lerici, you can take a boat to Portovenere and Cinque Terre. Our plan was to do that yesterday, but we ended up not going. We probably will another day this week.

This picture is taken at the Agriturismo that we're staying in. It's called Monteverdere and it located near Castelnuovo Magra. The owner organized a briefing for all of the people who are staying here. He told us many things about the area and where we could go. Afterwards there were delicious italian  bites and we got the opportunity to taste their own made wine.

The view here is amazing. The place we're staying at is between a lot of mountains. This is the view from the swimming pool, when the sun was setting. When you walk to the other site of the location, you can see the sea.

When we're not out to visit cities and do things we mainly stay at the pool. I don't really like swimming but it's so warm here during the day, especially if you are in the sun reading a book, so it's nice to jump in to refresh yourself. And to escape from the mosquitoes. My legs are covered in bites. 

These are just a few of the pictures I took. Would you like to see some of them on here? Or should I just keep it to the fashion related blog post? I actually do like sharing them, but I would love to know what you think! Good luck and have fun to everyone who's starting school again.

you can follow my travels and find more pictures on my instagram account @radiatefashionblog

TRAVEL | Lerici & Castelnuovo Magra, Italy

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