Friday, December 19, 2014

1. Finished reading the catcher in the rye. It was a great read! 2. This is one of the christmas/nye outfits i've filmed. Planning on filming a few more this weekend. 3. We went to Cologne to visit the Ludwig museum. After that we also went to the Christmas market. 4. Workspace inspiration. 5. Here in the Netherlands we celebrate sinterklaas. Got a few lovely presents such as a ysl lipstick, chocolate and this book filled with quotes from positive songs. 6. Mornings with coffee, blogging and reading are the best. But this time I also had a headache so that wasn't that fun. 7. This beanie is from CoolCat. If you buy it, they'll donate the money to Serious Request 2014!! 8. This cape is still one of my favorite items I own. 9. When Leah and I were in Amsterdam we visited this cute cupcake store. The cupcake we ordered was so delicious! It's Friday today so that means we have a 2 week break! The holidays are gonna be so much fun and I've already planned a lot of fun days with friends. What are your plans during this break?


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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

This year is almost over and I can't wait for the holidays. December is probably my favorite month because of them. I thought it would be fun to already create a nye/christmas outfit and share it on my blog to give you some outfit ideas. Yes, I'm wearing a blazer in this outfit. Something I normally never do, but I thought this one kinda looked nice with the black top and shorts. The shorts are glittery but hey, that's no problem when it's x-mas/nye. They're from CoolCat and I think they're perfect to wear during the holidays. They're festive. I paired my black boots from H&M with it. Have you already thought about what you're going to wear during the holidays?

H&M blazer, shoes, COOLCAT shorts, SILVER CREEK top, RINGS oasap

OUTFIT | Christmas/NYE

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Since Christmas is around the corner, I thought it would be fun to make this wish to wear post, a Christmas wish to wear post. When celebrating Christmas, I always feel like wearing a classy outfit, putting on dark red lipstick and more jewellery. Because a whole black outfit might be a bit boring for the holidays, I added some red and glitters to it. And of course some jewellery, to make it even more chic. Wearing high, like reeaaaally high, heels isn’t comfortable when you have to move much or dance but Christmas also includes a lot of eating, therefore a lot of sitting. So if you like, you can wear high heels like these. Or just go for some nice loafers. This outfit is definitely something I would wear this Christmas. What do you like to wear on Christmas?

VINCE CAMUTO top (on sale!), FARFETCH skirt, STEVE MADDEN shoes, SELECTED bag RIVER ISLAND jewellery

WISH TO WEAR | Red Skirt, High Heels

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Saturday, December 13, 2014


Why oh why can't we wear christmas sweaters all the time. They're so wrong but so not wrong at the same time. It's kinda hard to explain. At the moment I own two of them, and they're christmasy but not as christmasy as the ones shown above and below. While writing this post and looking for images to use, I saw many terrible ones. But they were so terrible that they were perfect. Again, I'm not making any sense I guess. But okay. Here are a few of my favorites! The ones above are from random stores, the ones below are from Asos!


Do you own a christmas sweater? Or are you planning on getting one?

I LIKE | Christmas Sweater + Favorites From Asos

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

School comes with a lot of stress, homework and stuff like that. But also with some fun things, such as breaks, spending time with your friends and we go on trips once in a while. Yesterday was such day. We visited Cologne, Germany and went to the museum Ludwig. I had been there before but I didn't mind going there again. Many people don't like visiting museums, but I actually do. I'm just fascinated by art and all the different types there are. Surrealism and modern art are my favorite kinds, because they make you use your mind more, I think. I don't know much about art, but I would love to learn more. Before going back to school, Noa shot some outfit pics of me in front of the christmas market. I'm just wearing a simple all black outfit and wore my Saint Tropez coat over it. Do you like art? And what do you think of this look?

SAINT TROPEZ coat (on sale here), PROMOD skirt, ASOS top, SACHA shoes

OUTFIT | Checked Coat & Pleated Skirt

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Since the holidays are coming up, it's time to create and share some gift guides. Although my family doesn't celebrate christmas with gifts, I still wanted to make these gift guides because 1. I love making lists and 2. I spend a lot of time on the internet looking a lovely stuff which I probably will never own. In today's guide I share some home, music, book and phone case gift ideas. Other lists we be uploaded too, soon! The items are clickable by the way. If it isn't working please let me know and I'll send you links of the items if you want.

Not everyone likes reading, but I happen to be someone who does. Right now I'm reading The Catcher in the Rye and so for it's really good. Looking for Alaska is a great read too, especially if you're into John Green. This is one of my favorites of his. Besides normal reading books, there also are funny ones,  cookbooks etc. If you're looking for those types, you should visit Urban Outfitters. They have so many different types books, there must be something you like.

When it comes to phone cases, it just isn't possible that you can't find a single one you like. There are thousands of them and each one has a different design. Some people are more into minimalistic ones, others are more into colorful ones. Above you see some of my favorites. If you don't want to spend much on a phone case, take a look at Ebay! So many, for so little! And if you want a special one, visit Etsy. 

If you don't know what to give or ask, take a look at some home decoration. You can always make me happy with a nice scented candle or photo frame. But that is just something personal. Not everyone one does like candles, and not everyone likes photo frames but most people do like getting something to decorate their room with. If you're looking for good scented candles (believe me, some of them just do their job better), take a look at the ones from Yankee Candle. They have so many different scents and they work perfectly.

There is so many good music at the moment, but the albums shown above are my favorites right now. Ben Howard has such a great voice and his songs are just beautiful and also very calming. You probably know Hozier from the song Take Me To Church but he has so many other nice songs on his album. You should listen to it if you have the time. Also James Bay is such a great singer. He plays the guitar very well and his voice is warm and full of emotion. James Bay isn't that famous in the Netherlands yet, but I think next year will be a great year for him and hopefully he'll perform here. And last but not least, Ed Sheeran. His latest album is perfect because of the variety in his songs. Some slow, some fast. Also some rap, which is pretty cool. So if you want to ask music for Christmas, or give someone a nice CD/Vinyl, I really recommend these 4 albums.

What do you think of this gift guide? And what sort of present would you like to give to someone or receive yourself?

GIFT GUIDE #1 | Music, Books, Home & Phone Cases

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

It was time for a new haul, so here is one. It includes some sweaters, coats, books, make-up, cardigans etc. I love filming hauls so hopefully you guys like watching them. Normally hauls can be up to 10 minutes, but I like to keep them short and to the point. If you have any tips for me, or video requests, just let me know! Also I'm planning on filming a q&a at the end of this moths so if you have any questions, leave them in a comment! What are your favorite types of videos to watch? Have a nice sunday!

VIDEO | Haul #12

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Friday, December 5, 2014

At first, I didn't know how to combine this sweater other than with black jeans. But then I remembered that skirts and knits look nice too so I tried this look. Wearing it without the knee socks was too cold and actually, with them too. I wore some red lipstick with it to make it all more classy but my shoes made it all casual so not sure what I was going for. This green color is one of my favorite colors atm (they change quickly) and I love how it goes with black. This knit will be worn lots the coming for weeks/months. So comfy and definitely warm. To all my dutch readers, have a great 'sinterklaas avond'! My grandpa is coming over and we're just gonna eat lovely dinner (I hope) and have a great time with the family. What do you think of this look? And how are you celebrating sinterklaas?

OASAP knit, AMERICAN APPAREL skirt, SACHA shoes, SIX ring

OUTFIT | Green Knit + Black Skirt

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Grey, white and black. The perfect colour combination for an outfit if you ask me. Some people will think those colours are boring, but I think they can look really sophisticated. So for today’s ‘wish to wear’ article, I decided to put a fall outfit together in that colour scheme. I picked these beautiful shoes because I think they would go great with this look. They make it all a bit more classy because of the model and the lovely buckle. Furthermore, the shorts are still wearable but you might want to put on some tights too. And about the shirt, which is from Monki, I just love the text on it. Normally I’m not that into shirts with texts on it, unless they are funny and I think this one is. Overall this look is simple but chic. What do you think of this look? Would you wear it?


WISH TO WEAR 014 | Oversized Coat & Shirt with Text

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