Wednesday, July 30, 2014


A little while ago I stumbled upon Natasha Ndlovu on lookbook. She has a gorgeous style and definitely knows what suits her best. This look of hers is one of my favorite ones. The way she combined the different textures is beautiful. I never wore an all white outfit myself, but maybe I should try it sometime. All white outfits are perfect to wear when it's summer, and hey it's summer. Need to buy some white clothes first because I'm more into the all black outfits. Natasha also runs a blog, so if you want to visit hers click here. What do you think of this look? Would you wear an all black outfit?

Monday, July 28, 2014


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1. Went to the Intratuin with my parents. They have so many gorgeous flowers over there. 2. Michelle and I got ourselves a delicious ice cream before going to the supermarket. 3. Desk inspiration is still one of my favorite sorts of inspiration to look up. I'm also done with 'decorating' my desk, only need to get a few more things. 4. Only 1,5 more week before I'm going on holiday with my parents. Can't wait to go to Paris again and I'm also really looking forward to visiting the sea. 5. On hot days I daydream about places like these. This is a spa in Ibiza. Doesn't look that bad right? 6. Yes I cut my hair, still happy I did it! 7. My birkenstocks came in! They were no were to find in stores, all sold out. Gladly my dad did found them in my size online. 8. Picture of the best juice ever. Click here for the recipe. 9. During the holiday I love just sitting on the couch with a book and some lunch. I have some pretty fun things planned for the coming 1,5 week. Going to the movies tonight, baking cheesecake today, hanging out with friends and Sara is coming over! What have you been up to? Any fun things planned?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

FOOD | Fruit Juice

Last week I made the most delicious fruit juice I had ever had. Just fruit, nothing else. So it's a healthy one (no additional sugar or other stuff) and if you drink it cold it's also very refreshing. We had many different kinds of fruit at home so I just took a few of them and put them into a blender. Here a list of what I used: 6 oranges (made orange juice of it, almost 2 glasses like the one you see above, and then poured it into the blender), 1 apple, 2 nectarines and 2 bananas. That's all. If you use these ingredients,  you have juice for 5/6 persons. I used the glass which you see on the picture so if you take smaller glasses it's enough for 8/9 people. Definitely gonna make more juices, if you would like me to put more recipes online let me know and I will! Are you gonna try this? If so let me know if you liked it! Any nice recipes for other juices?